About us

First of all, we would like to present some main information about GMM’s Child Sponsorship Program and answer your questions about who we are, what we do and how can you help us:

·       The GMM’s Child Sponsorship Program was founded in 2007 by Pastor Teh Francis whose willingness to help is inspiring, and whose passion to create a better life for these children is contagious.

·       More than 300 orphans received direct help from GMM in the last 5 years. Children were provided with food, clothes, books and toys, they received the opportunity to attend school and to see a doctor, some children have been trained with vocational skills and are already working.

·       We are more then happy that 35 children found their sponsors from all around the globe and they are helping orphans monthly in education, health and nutrition.

·       Zelma, Conscience, Rene, Sonita and other 16 orphans are still waiting for sponsors and the opportunity not to worry about tomorrow. They need beds, mattresses,clothes, shoes and many more. And most important – ability to gain education.

·       At the moment the team of 13 volunteers from Australia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Lithuania, Nigeria, the Netherlands, UK and USA are doing their best to help needy children in Cameroon. You can help too! Please donate, send gifts or just offer your help in any way you can. We appreciate any ideas that can help GMM.

Please visit www.gmmafricachild.org.

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