Brighter Hope for the GMM Sponsored Children 2012

(Jefidel sponsored by Mary in the USA)

Over the years Goodness and Mercy missions has been sponsoring disadvantaged and orphan children in Cameroon and at the same time connecting them to people around the world who have been changing the stories of their lives for better. Alot of these children have lost both parents and life was becoming unbearable for them. We have been giving them access to a good education, proper health care and improvement on their diet. Until you live among these children, you will not begin to realize the impact this help is making on their lives.

(Sonita sponsored by Sarah in Sweden and Carine sponsored by Erin in the USA)

  2012 opens with even brighter hope for the child sponsorship program. 5 children have got sponsors from 5 different countries. Vanessa in the Netherlands has decided to be sponsoring Selvis a poor orphan girl, Renata in Norway, Sidonie, Mary in the USA, Jefidel, Sarah in Sweden, Isabelle in France, Sheron and Kate in the UK, Quinnette.

   Profiles of some other children are beeing uploaded on the website Check there and encouraged someone to sponsor a child today.

(GMM empowers women financially to educate their children. With a World Bank grant in 2011, GMM provides funding to 100 women who sell palm oil to educate 300 children)

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