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Training, Goodness and Mercy Missions

Goodness and Mercy Missions continues to serve the rural communities of Boyo Division, Cameroon. This year lots of rural children receive computer training at the Goodness and Mercy Missions’ centre in Belo. The training goes along with hands on business training for rural women. This is through the GMM EnKindle Cameroon business and leadership training for rural women which discovers and ignites their passions. In September of 2017, several young women and men shall be graduating from the computer training program. It is due to our partner, Informatik Afrika- Switzerland that we are able to deliver these services to rural people of Cameroon.

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Impact of Goodness and Mercy Missions Child Sponsorship

International volunteers also come to take care of the children

At the elementary school Jinkfuin, Cameroon
Most of these children are sponsored by Goodness and Mercy Missions, Cameroon

Hundreds of children have benefitted from this program. Many individuals from various countries in the globe have spotted a child, decided to sponsor the child and have changed the child’s story story forever.  We are also thankful to Catalyst Exhibits a designing company in USA who taking over the responsibility and sponsorsing not only a child but hundreds of childredn with Goodness and Mercy Missions. See

You can go to the links, and to see how this is done. You can promote our site to your friends. It is all about the welfare of the children. You can also buy gifts for the children directly on our site. Gabey Van Andel has been doing this for a lot of children, just to cite an example.

Children education through women empowerment

Thank you for even taking the time to look through our site.

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  Be thankful for what you have, but never take what you have for granted.

  Share with those who are less fortunate. You do not know what tomorrow brings.

by C. Pulsifer

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  • Capital – Yaoundé
  • Population – 20 million
  • Government – Republic and the President – Paul Biya
  • Life expectancy – 54 years
  • The literacy rate of Cameroon was estimated to be 67.9% (2009). Cameroon has one of the highest school attendance rates in Africa.
  • The quality of health care is generally low. Outside the major cities, facilities are often dirty and poorly equipped. Endemic diseases include dengue fever, malaria, meningitis and sleeping sickness.
  • Cameroon takes 18th place in the world regarding the rate of maternal deaths. 600 women of 100,000 die during the child birth.
  •  48 proc. of population are below poverty line.
Source: Wikipedia
Famous people from Cameroon
  • Manu Dibango is a world renown Cameroon – born musician. His works was even plagiarized by Micheal Jackson, the King of pop.
  • Issa Hayatou – Vice president of FIFA World Soccer body – is from Cameroon.
  • Cameroonian Samuel Eto’o Fils – World best striker. Currently playing in Italy for Inter Millian.
  • Roger Milla – World legendery soccer striker. He was born in the Cameroonian capital of Yaoundé.
Cameroon in pictures:

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About us

First of all, we would like to present some main information about GMM’s Child Sponsorship Program and answer your questions about who we are, what we do and how can you help us:

·       The GMM’s Child Sponsorship Program was founded in 2007 by Pastor Teh Francis whose willingness to help is inspiring, and whose passion to create a better life for these children is contagious.

·       More than 300 orphans received direct help from GMM in the last 5 years. Children were provided with food, clothes, books and toys, they received the opportunity to attend school and to see a doctor, some children have been trained with vocational skills and are already working.

·       We are more then happy that 35 children found their sponsors from all around the globe and they are helping orphans monthly in education, health and nutrition.

·       Zelma, Conscience, Rene, Sonita and other 16 orphans are still waiting for sponsors and the opportunity not to worry about tomorrow. They need beds, mattresses,clothes, shoes and many more. And most important – ability to gain education.

·       At the moment the team of 13 volunteers from Australia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Lithuania, Nigeria, the Netherlands, UK and USA are doing their best to help needy children in Cameroon. You can help too! Please donate, send gifts or just offer your help in any way you can. We appreciate any ideas that can help GMM.

Please visit

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Welcome everyone!

Thank you for visiting Goodness and Mercy Mission’s (GMM) Child Sponsorship Blog. We’d like you to meet 20 wonderful children who live in Belo, Cameroon and are in great need of your help and support.

Like everyone else, Cameroon has been hit by the financial crisis. And especially now we need sponsors to be able to buy food, clothes, new beds, mattresses, books and many things that children need in everyday life.

So please, meet our children through stories, pictures and videos and find a child whose life you’d like to change.


Teh Francis and GMM volunteer team

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