Our Sponsors and Volunteers

We are grateful to receive support from all over the world:

Our generous sponsors (Thank you all)

Christina, George, Kate and Susan (UK)

Ninar (Canada)

Sarah (Sweden)

Marcela (Guatemala)

Erin, Paul, Mary and Anqi (USA)

Justine (Australia)

Connie (Ireland)

Yungkuk (Korea)

Isabelle (France)

Renata (Norway)

Cathryn, Gabey, Elly, Vanessa and Myra (Holland)


Our hardworking volunteers

from 2010:

Christina (UK)

Erin, Paul P. and Paul S. (USA)

Gabey (The Netherlands)


from 2011:

Mary (USA)

Anne-Marie (Australia)

Gbenga (Nigeria)

Lucy (Kenya)

Ullas (India)

Anna (UK)

Md Abdul (Bangladesh)

Egle (Lithuania)

Richard (Malawi)


Thank you all a million times!


2 thoughts on “Our Sponsors and Volunteers

  1. Please, I will send across many more sponsors and volunteers to be listed.

  2. gmmafricaFrancis

    I am really proud for these wonderful people. Their contribution has made a great impact on the lives of underprivileged children in Cameroon. Joining their team is a thing of pride. Our greatest reward is the smile from the children, the wonderful smile.

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