Diangha Carine

Diangha Carine

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Impact of Goodness and Mercy Missions Child Sponsorship

International volunteers also come to take care of the children

At the elementary school Jinkfuin, Cameroon
Most of these children are sponsored by Goodness and Mercy Missions, Cameroon

Hundreds of children have benefitted from this program. Many individuals from various countries in the globe have spotted a child, decided to sponsor the child and have changed the child’s story story forever.  We are also thankful to Catalyst Exhibits a designing company in USA who taking over the responsibility and sponsorsing not only a child but hundreds of childredn with Goodness and Mercy Missions. See http://area3.catalystexhibit.com/2012/03/motorbike-taxis-raising-charity-money/.

You can go to the links www.gmmafricachild.org, www.commit2africa.org and www.gmmafrica.org to see how this is done. You can promote our site to your friends. It is all about the welfare of the children. You can also buy gifts for the children directly on our site. Gabey Van Andel has been doing this for a lot of children, just to cite an example.

Children education through women empowerment

Thank you for even taking the time to look through our site.

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Diangha’s story

“Mrs Erin helped me to believe in a brighter future”

The loss of both parents would mean the loss of hope for a brighter future for the most Cameroonian children. Especially, when this child is a girl who is left under the care of a poor health grandmother. Diangha Carine who lives in a high density area in Jinkfuin, would not even think of getting any further education, not to mention healthy food and all other essential things. But her dreams came true when she started receiving GMM sponsorship. Thanks to her sponsor Erin Ecomeford in USA now she receives all she needs and more – self-confident, belief in a brighter future and trust in people.

Through Goodness and Mercy Missions’ Child Sponsorship Program Diangha has learnt that the loss of parents is not the end of everything because there are kind-hearted people somewhere, near or afar, that are willing to make the world a better place. She is so grateful to her sponsor for the love and support that she receives.

At the moment Diangha Carine is a happy 5th year student at Acha Baptist College in Belo Cameroon.  All her spare time she dedicates to work at the GMM Child Sponsorship Program. She is supporting and encouraging other less fortunate children who go through difficult times.

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Why Sponsor a child?

I recently signed on to sponsor a child through GMM.  A friend suggested I write a bit about why.

I live in Kirkland, WA which is s suburb of Seattle located pretty close to the Microsoft campus and a few miles away from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.   Living this close to Microsoft has definitely impacted the way I live.  This is a relative affluent area in an affluent country.

Living this close to the Gates Foundation has (hopefully) impacted the way I think.

The Gates Foundation is dedicated to the belief that All Lives Have Equal Value.  Today, not all individuals have equal opportunities to thrive.  I believe that if people in rich areas of the world believe that we can change circumstances for people in less fortunate areas of the world, we will.

GMM has shown me that I can definitely make a difference for my sponsored child, and has also made it very easy for me to do.  A couple clicks on the sponsorship site, and donation amounts about equivalent to what my family pays for cable TV, and my sponsored child will have safe drinking water, clothes, food, schooling fees and required equipment and healthcare.

Leaving me asking, “Why not sponsor a child?”  I can’t think of any reason.

I am grateful to GMM for helping connect me to the opportunity to help a child in need of help.  This child is of equal value to every other child in the world, and deserves the opportunity to grow up healthy and well-educated.  I think it’s a privilege to be part of making that happen.

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Brighter Hope for the GMM Sponsored Children 2012

(Jefidel sponsored by Mary in the USA)

Over the years Goodness and Mercy missions has been sponsoring disadvantaged and orphan children in Cameroon and at the same time connecting them to people around the world who have been changing the stories of their lives for better. Alot of these children have lost both parents and life was becoming unbearable for them. We have been giving them access to a good education, proper health care and improvement on their diet. Until you live among these children, you will not begin to realize the impact this help is making on their lives.

(Sonita sponsored by Sarah in Sweden and Carine sponsored by Erin in the USA)

  2012 opens with even brighter hope for the child sponsorship program. 5 children have got sponsors from 5 different countries. Vanessa in the Netherlands has decided to be sponsoring Selvis a poor orphan girl, Renata in Norway, Sidonie, Mary in the USA, Jefidel, Sarah in Sweden, Isabelle in France, Sheron and Kate in the UK, Quinnette.

   Profiles of some other children are beeing uploaded on the website www.gmmafricachild.org. Check there and encouraged someone to sponsor a child today.

(GMM empowers women financially to educate their children. With a World Bank grant in 2011, GMM provides funding to 100 women who sell palm oil to educate 300 children)

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Sponsor a child for only £10 a month!

Sponsoring a child ranges from £10 to £27. However this depends on the child you choose to sponsor, the child’s education level, age and the level of sponsorship you wish to commit to. You can refer to each child’s profile page in order to view the details of the child.

A full sponsorship usually ranges from £25 to £27. The full sponsorship includes safe drinking water, clothes, food, schooling fees and required equipment and healthcare for the child.

Some of the children have already attained funds for schooling and therefore the required sponsorship for such children is less than the full Sponsorship. These details can be found on the children’s profile pages. In such a case where a child does not require full sponsorship, you could choose to sponsor between £10 or £15. Please visit here for more information.

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Support A Child’s Education

Leo Rosten once said “the purpose of life is not to be happy but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make a difference that you lived at all” while Alan Loy McGinnis, a Christian psychotherapist said “there is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being – to help someone succeed.” Both sayings come to emphasise the importance of a life of service to others, especially to the less privileged.

A long-lasting impact one can express this life of service is by envisioning a brighter future of a nation through investing in a child’s education, especially orphans and vulnerable children either through personally educating them or assisting in their education.

Education is very important to the development of a nation and particularly to the emancipation of a human being. In an ideal world, it would be better for every citizen to be educated so that s/he is in possession of the “most powerful weapon which s/he can use to change the world” as Nelson Mandela sees it. However in the real world, some people lack resources that would permit them access education though they would very much want to get it. These are the orphans and other vulnerable children. These children have either lost both parents, or have lost a father but the mother is not able to support the child, or they have both parents but the parents are incapable of taking care of the children either because the parents are very old, mentally challenged, or the children were rejected by the parents. Though the children are in this situation, they are not less human than the others, in fact they need to love and be loved just like others, they yearn for a shoulder to lean on, and they want someone to make them laugh.

It is a noble cause to support these children go through education and see a light at the end of the tunnel. They may seem small and unimportant now but if we believe and support them today, they will grow to be life changers and influence the world for the better. Just like a baobab seed, it is very small and may seem worthless. However, if the seed is grown and it is subjected to a conducive environment, it grows to be a gigantic and confident tree than many other trees.

Goodness and Mercy Missions, Orphan Sponsorship Program through your kind support would like to change a child’s life for the better through making educational facilities easily accessible to these children. There are so many of these children, innocent as they are, stretching their hands towards your generous heart with all hope that you will put a smile on their lips and brighten their faces.

Hope differed makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Who knows we might be a solution to the longings of these orphans and vulnerable children. There’s nothing like too little or too much in giving as once said by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow- “No man is so poor as to have nothing worth giving. Give what you have. To someone it may be better than you dare to think.”

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  Be thankful for what you have, but never take what you have for granted.

  Share with those who are less fortunate. You do not know what tomorrow brings.

by C. Pulsifer

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  • Capital – Yaoundé
  • Population – 20 million
  • Government – Republic and the President – Paul Biya
  • Life expectancy – 54 years
  • The literacy rate of Cameroon was estimated to be 67.9% (2009). Cameroon has one of the highest school attendance rates in Africa.
  • The quality of health care is generally low. Outside the major cities, facilities are often dirty and poorly equipped. Endemic diseases include dengue fever, malaria, meningitis and sleeping sickness.
  • Cameroon takes 18th place in the world regarding the rate of maternal deaths. 600 women of 100,000 die during the child birth.
  •  48 proc. of population are below poverty line.
Source: Wikipedia
Famous people from Cameroon
  • Manu Dibango is a world renown Cameroon – born musician. His works was even plagiarized by Micheal Jackson, the King of pop.
  • Issa Hayatou – Vice president of FIFA World Soccer body – is from Cameroon.
  • Cameroonian Samuel Eto’o Fils – World best striker. Currently playing in Italy for Inter Millian.
  • Roger Milla – World legendery soccer striker. He was born in the Cameroonian capital of Yaoundé.
Cameroon in pictures:

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About us

First of all, we would like to present some main information about GMM’s Child Sponsorship Program and answer your questions about who we are, what we do and how can you help us:

·       The GMM’s Child Sponsorship Program was founded in 2007 by Pastor Teh Francis whose willingness to help is inspiring, and whose passion to create a better life for these children is contagious.

·       More than 300 orphans received direct help from GMM in the last 5 years. Children were provided with food, clothes, books and toys, they received the opportunity to attend school and to see a doctor, some children have been trained with vocational skills and are already working.

·       We are more then happy that 35 children found their sponsors from all around the globe and they are helping orphans monthly in education, health and nutrition.

·       Zelma, Conscience, Rene, Sonita and other 16 orphans are still waiting for sponsors and the opportunity not to worry about tomorrow. They need beds, mattresses,clothes, shoes and many more. And most important – ability to gain education.

·       At the moment the team of 13 volunteers from Australia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Lithuania, Nigeria, the Netherlands, UK and USA are doing their best to help needy children in Cameroon. You can help too! Please donate, send gifts or just offer your help in any way you can. We appreciate any ideas that can help GMM.

Please visit www.gmmafricachild.org.

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